TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – The University Interscholastic League will move forward with allowing the online streaming of Friday night football games for the 2021 season.

The proposal from the UIL policy committee was approved by the legislative council on Tuesday afternoon. The rule was suspended last year due to COVID-19 and limited stadium capacities for fans. In their discussion Policy Committee chair Aaron Hood said they surveyed Texas school districts and a majority of the returns showed to be in favor of dropping the rule.

The UIL also set guidelines for home school students after the passing of HB 5467 last month at the state capital. The bill requires the UIL to give home school students the opportunity to play in UIL sports, music and academic competitions. The policy committee settled on a few key guidelines. A home school student can only participate in UIL activities for the school they would be zoned to if they used public education. If the school they are zoned to will not allow them, which the legislature has given them the right to, then the student could go to a charter school that would allow them. That charter school would have to be in the border of the district where the student lives. If a student drops out of public school to home school they can not take advantage of this for the remainder of that school calendar year. Home school students that wish to do this will be held in review by the District Executive committee if they have lived in a district area for less than 12 months.

The UIL legislative committee did not give a vote to allow or deny a shot clock in the 6A and 5A basketball classifications.

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